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Asbestos Litigation

Litigiation is a legal proceeding in a court of law. It is a the step when a dispute is made officially part of a lawsuit or a formal court action. In order for someone who is suffering from asbestosis or mesothelioma to receive compensation they need to enter into asbestos litigation. The first step is to pick an asbestos lawyer. Then the attorney will start working on documenting your case which then leads to an official motion which then starts the asbestos litigation. Listed below are some recent developments in asbesots litigation:

  • On August 11th, it was announced that President Bush is pushing Congress to pass legislation reducing frivolous lawsuits. President Bush is pushing Congress to enact medical liability reform, asbestos litigation reforms and class action lawsuit reforms. These changes may remove your chance to receive compensation or greatly reduce it. He is also quoted as saying "we must pass a plan for asbestos litigation reform that protects victims" ... "while securing security of dozens of companies" ... "and thousands of jobs."
  • In August of 2004 a New York judge ordered a five million dollar fund be set in order to handle asbestos claims. This order is also intended to stop thousands aof future asbestos claims.
  • In Congress, it was recently reported by Reuters that "With many more claims expected in the future, Frist and Daschle have been trying to agree on the outlines of a fund that would pay victims, while ending their right to sue. The fund would be financed by asbestos litigation defendants and insurers... " the report also stated that "According to sources close to the talks, Daschle has proposed allowing asbestos cases for which a trial date has been set to proceed in court. Frist however wants existing claims to revert to the new fund, except in cases where there is a final court judgment. " the report also stated that " After months of talks, both men are now discussing a fund in the neighborhood of $140 billion to $145 billion. But the question arises what to do with existing asbestos claims that have not worked their way through court. "

    These developments all have major impacts on the legal proceedings and will lead to major lawsuit reforms and liability reform.  These reforms may seriously impact your cahnce for asbestos litigaiton or for any personal injury or class action litigation.  Asbestos claims are being targeted by these different court judgements.  Your best action is to seek legal advice today to protect your future chance of litigation for asbestos diseases.

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