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A written statement whereby the signer swears to its accuracy before a notary/judicial officer. A witness’s affidavit is allowed to be entered as evidence in a court case.
asbestos bodies
Inhaled asbestos particles that are imbedded in lung tissue. They are usually drum shaped. Their presence in is considered strong evidence that the person has experienced exposure to asbestos.
Form of lung cancer caused by inhaling airborne asbestos fiber involving the scarring of the lung tissue biopsy – a procedure performed with a needle or surgical incision to remove a tissue sample to determine the presence of cancer cells through microscopic analysis.
An elevation of the skin not normally exceeding 1-2 cm., that is filled with fluid. bronchoscopy - a thin, lighted tube (bronchoscope) inserted through the nose or mouth to examine the breathing passages at the entrance to your lungs. butchart staging system – The staging system most often used for mesothelioma. It is divided into Stages I – IV with the levels determined by the tissue involved.
chronic bronchitis
A condition characterized with increased mucus secretions and caused by virual infections, manifested with prolonged exposure to bronchial irritants.
An important source of asbestos accounting for 90% of all asbestos used. Its grey or green fibers take the shape of a spiral and flexible.
class action lawsuit
A lawsuit filed by personal injury victim(s) on their own behalf as well as a larger group “who are similarly situated”. All participants are bounded together by the outcome.
Refers to a condition in which the tips of the fingers and the nails curve inward due to inadequte supply of oxygen rich blood.
The first document filed with the court by the plaintiff stating the factual and legal basis for claiming legal rights against the defendant(s).
Swelling caused by an excess accumulation of fluid in the internal organs and body tissue, assocaited with injury or inflammation as related to heart or kidney failure.
emphysema, pulmonary
A chronic disease of the lungs in which enough functional units (alveoli) have been destroyed by disease to prevent proper exchange of gases within the units. As a result, new air in the lung spaces cannot be efficiently utilized for oxygenation purposes.
The scientific study of frequency and distribution of disease amongst a population, including factors controlling the presence or absence of a disease.
Formation of fibrous, scar-like tissue.
Literally coughing up blood that has been secreted into the respiratory tract due to bleeding.  A warning sign of a more serious disease.
Condition more commonly known as high blood pressure, sufferers of hypertension are at a higher risk of heart disease and kidney disease.
Administering directly into the chest cavity, sometimes medicine or chemotherapy treatments.
Administering directly into the abdominal cavity, sometimes medicine or chemotherapy treatments.
latency period
The period from initial exposure to the onset of the disease.
tissue formed by cells lining the chest, abdominal cavities and outer surface of most internal organs, it produces a lubrication that helps enables organs to move
malignant mesothelioma
A fatal cancerous tumor that grows uncontrollably over the surface of the lung, heart and abdominal cavity.
Spread of cancer from the original site to new and expanded sites.
Failure of reasonably expected precautions and safety.
The membrane lining that covers the lungs and the interior of the chest cavity.
plueral effusion
Accumulation of fluid between the lining of the chest and lung cavity.
Surgical procedure to remove part of the chest or abdomen lining.
Fibrosis and scarring of the lungs as a result of repeated inhalation of dust like silica, asbestos and coal dust.
Surgical procedure to remove the entire lung.
statute of limitations
This is the time period that legal action must be taken before, after this time period the right to file legal action is void.
wrongful death
This is the claim that someone else was responsbile for the death of another through negligence or other liability and that survivors and/or the estate of the deceased are entitled to damages.

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