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Welcome to Mesothelioma HQ

This website is designed to help mesothelioma sufferers and their families to find the information focusing on mesothelioma that they need.

The General section deals with introductory information about the mesothelioma cancer. It has a section that discusses mesothelioma treatment, also a section that discusses its relationship to asbestos. It also contains mesothelioma research information and a glossary of medical terms related to mesothelioma.

The Medical section focuses on the different types of mesothelioma cancer. Each type of mesotheliopma can attack a different part of the lungs.

The Legal Information section deals with information related to seeking compensation and reimbursement of costly medical expenses. Since mesothelioma is commonly caused by workplace negligence many people look into this option. It also talks about settlements that have been won by meshtlioma sufferers and their families.

The website also contains a current list of mesothelioma breaking news. The most important section is the research section. This section focuses on clinical trials that are being conducted to increase the options of mesothelioma treatments. Currently mesothelioma is a fatal cancer. Hopefully with the research being done, new treatments will be discovered to allow us to indefinietly live with mesothelioma.

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